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and creative is our bread and butter. For more than 10 years, food, beverage, and lifestyle retailers and producers have relied on us to create campaigns driven by meaningful stories that connect with consumers and communities. Our passionate and talented team partners with each client on a personal level, brainstorming around a table or getting our hands dirty in the places where your brand lives and breathes. We tailor our services to your needs, strategizing and concepting from scratch or plugging into existing marketing teams, but always with one goal: to deliver a customer relationship that lasts.

The Challenge:

Our mission was to strengthen shoppers’ engagement and trust in Giant/Martin’s brands through content that made local food producers real and relatable and that created a feeling of personal connection between the farmers, the stores, and the customers.

The Insights:

Origins – According to research, more than 70% of shoppers want more information about where their food comes from and how it’s grown than they typically learn from product packaging. Showing them the stories behind the food and its journey to store shelves increases their confidence in the product.

Sustainability -Sixty-six percent of consumers worldwide—and fully 73 percent of Millennial shoppers—are willing to pay more for goods they see as contributing to global sustainability.

The Solution:

We produced full-length videos introducing shoppers to three local food producers: Brian Campbell Farms (sweet corn), Hess Brother’s Fruit Co./Boyer Orchards (apples), and Rice Fruit Co. (peaches). Through talking-head interviews, the farmers told their personal stories in a way that customers could relate to, and footage of the growing, harvesting, and shipping process brought the idea of straight-from-the-farm freshness to life. The videos were packaged with still and food photography, editorial content, and recipes in three Facebook Instant Experience projects, well positioned to reach Millennial customers; excerpts of the videos and photography were also repurposed for social, online, and broadcast advertising.

The Results:

It’s clear that our efforts motivated customers to shop and to purchase additional items. Seventy-four percent of customers found the local campaign to be extremely/very appealing, and 77% recalled the promotion without visual aid—the highest unaided campaign awareness ever achieved for our client. The peach, sweet corn, and apple content were top-performing social content in P7, P8, and P10, driving a lower-than-benchmark cost per click and averaging view times of up to 30 seconds. Overall, our content improved customer perception of the quality of local produce and of the quality, variety, and service provided by Giant/Martin stores.