In 2017, Viscul Creative partnered with Ahold USA, one of the world’s largest food retail groups, a leader in supermarkets and e-commerce, and a company at the forefront of sustainable retailing, to bring transparency and authenticity to their customers. Together, we engaged in building a library of videos to tell the stories behind the products sold in their stores. The videos introduced food producers, their processes, and their products across digital and social channels.

We were challenged to create a library of surprising and engaging stories that highlight the real people, places, and passion behind Ahold USA’s fresh, quality foods.

Through market research, Viscul knew it had to go in-depth with vendors to achieve the message Ahold was seeking.

– Authenticity – The stories had to feel like you were having a personal conversation with the producer, naturally seeking information about where your food comes from and what ingredients are used.
– Quality – Shoppers are more apt to purchase when they feel a connection with the producer and distributor. Sharing the relationship and quality measures Ahold and their vendors take to ensure quality, needed to be in focus.

A library of documentary style videos that introduce the leadership and key individuals in the production of food being sold in Ahold USA stores, including Stop & Shop New York, Stop & Shop New England, Giant of Landover, Giant of Carlisle, and Martins. Video shoots would take place on-site at farms, greenhouses, open water, and manufacturing plants to showcase the process and ingredients used as well as conducting interviews with key people to build their stories.

In six months, the videos have increased digital views from 1.8 million views to more than 14 million views. In addition, Viscul has won over nine different creative awards for the series.

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