Giant Direct

Reimagining the grocery shopping experience.

The Backstory

At the end of 2019, Giant Food Stores came with an updated service concept it has offered for years—home delivery and front-of-store pickup for shoppers.

While this service has been maintained at status-quo, there has been some confusion in the market-place as to where the groceries were coming from and how fresh they really were. With limited pickup locations, the delivery radius being a bit too small, and the ordering experience not a fluid as it could be, the service was ready for an overhaul.

With increased market saturation from other retailers and online startups, like InstaCart, starting to emerge, Giant needed a better solution infused with a personal touch.

Luckily, they had one. By the time they arrived on our doorstep, they already had a plan for how this service would be improved, how it could be expanded, and the goal they were setting out to achieve. What they didn’t have, was how they wanted this new and improved program to look and feel to the marketplace upon rollout.

The Insights

Freshness  At the forefront, customers needed to know that their groceries were being selected by trained associates who cared as much about preferences and freshness as they did.

Convenience – The brand needed to showcase the convenience of ordering online.

Technology – With the advancement of technology, Giant has continued to invest in staying ahead of the curve. As a point of differentiation, this was to be incorporated into the brand assets.

Personality – With a lack of human interaction, we needed to infuse the knowledge of the trained associates into the campaign.

The Solution

We put in an order. We took a fresh look at the platform as part of our exploratory research. We wanted to see what the customer experiences. Then, we went to work with more research, we concepted ideas for videos and brand design elements. We started illustrating, capturing, animating, and bringing a new brand to life. When the dust started to settle, we had brought new life to an old brand. Peapod (as it was originally known) was phased out, and Giant Direct was hitting the ground running.


The Results

With the opening of a new delivery hub, where delivery orders are picked by real associates and trucked out to the now expanded delivery radius, customers began to latch on to the revamped service. Then, it started to hit the stores, within six months, more than 100 in-store-based Click and Collect locations were open.

Tyler Gladhill Designer

Giant needed something interesting to launch their new pick-up and delivery service. This idea of technology as a backbone of the entire program kept coming to mind, so I incorporated “outer space” objects illustrated from fruits and vegetables into the design as texture while maintaining an overall simple approach. 

The right photography sets your brand apart.

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