11 Oaks Farm

As a small local meat producer in Newville, Pennsylvania, one may assume there’s nothing special about the product leaving Eleven Oaks Farm. But, after digging deeper, we quickly learned that they did things differently.

The Insights

The brand needed to communicate a high-end product that couldn’t be picked up at the local supermarket. At upwards of $15,000 a cow, this beef is expensive and needed to look the part.

The farm was established to produce a local product that is otherwise raised in the mid-west or overseas. So, a local, personal feel needed to carry the story.

The Solution

We went to the farm. From sun up to sun down, we followed the Shuster family with our cameras capturing every aspect of this sustainable operation. We even got to feed the calfs! Then we went to the drawing board to develop materials that would set the brand apart including identity, website, video, co-op advertisements, packaging and educational materials. Viscul supplied 11 Oaks with a library of content to get their message into the hands of chefs and foodies alike.

The Results

A year later, 11 Oaks is providing product to over 30 restaurants throughout Central Pennsylvania. To support the growing demand, they have purchased an additional three farms to accommodate their growing production needs. In addition, the farm has expanded their product offering into the pork industry with Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs and are currently working on e-commerce functionality for direct online sales to the public.

Jay Basinger Designer

This beef is expensive and needed to look the part. Every oz of the brand is meticulously designed to do just that.

The right photography sets your brand apart.

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