Smith & Sons Seafood recognized an opportunity in the market to create a line of steamer-bagged freezer meals featuring their sustainable, local shrimp and family recipes.

In order to bring this new product to the consumer, they needed to establish a brand built around quality while maintaining the family legacy that makes them a recognized  leader in the seafood industry.

The Insights

Established Icon  The Smith family has been using a character since the 1960’s known as “Freshie”. This character started as an idea and has been used loosely in the brand, but has never been utilized as a naming asset or for brand identity purposes. 

Local Shrimp  Even with this new product being sold throughout the country, Smith & Sons wanted their customers to understand where and how the shrimp are sourced. 

The Solution

We went shrimpin’! Getting to know the Smith family, their team and philosophies as well as low-country culture, we were inspired to bring Freshie’s everyday into the idenity, sales collateral, and packaging. We were able to work the exsisting “Freshie” shrimp icon, refine it, and create a truly unique brand experience for an entirely new customer base. 

The Results

Within two months of launching the product, Freshie was officially in store freezers at over 500 stores up and down the East Coast. As the product moves west into Texas, the demand has grown so rapidly that Smith & Sons is expanding their production facilities.

Jay Basinger Designer

From the moment we saw an old illustration of that crazy shrimp character they called Freshie, we knew we had to be a part of reviving the legacy and bringing this brand to life. 

The right package can sell the product. Make sure it’s right.

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