An Introduction to Fork & Lens
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Welcome to the Fork & Lens podcast! Take a listen to find out what is in store as Managing Director, Jessica Hughes, and Creative Director, Randall Hughes, introduce themselves and their vision for the podcast. 


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Jessica & Randall Hughes
Viscul / Fork & Lens

Quote from Jessica Hughes
We hope that this podcast really brings you some joy, some comradery, and we also hope it brings you some perspective.


Introduction: Hey everyone. So, back before COVID started and back before 2020 even started, we had this wild idea to start a podcast. It wasn’t just going to be a podcast that you could tune into on iTunes and Spotify and other platforms to hear content, but something that really brought you along for the ride and brought you into our studio kitchen, and into orchards, and produce fields, and restaurants where we got to really live and breathe food, whether it was on the farm or making its way to the table. And really share in that conversation that happens in those circumstances.

Unfortunately, because of COVID, we are kicking off this podcast in more of a traditional podcast way. We are going to be bringing you solo casts and dual cats with Randall and I, as well as content from behind the scenes with our team. And we’re also going to bring in some amazing guests that I cannot wait to share with you. So Randall and I are here today to give you a little bit more insight into what is in store as we progress through season one this week and into season two, starting next week, and then as we hit season three here at the end of the month.

Welcome to the Fork and Lens Podcast, brought to you by Viscul. Oh, smells delish.

RANDALL: Yeah, so like Jess said, we wish we could have brought you into our kitchen right now and did some cooking with you and talk shop a little bit, but things change. The world has changed a little bit in the past few months. Yeah, so we’re changing up a little bit. But we’re excited to bring you the content that we were able to record. And yeah, I think, it’s still really relevant and we’re excited about it.

JES: We are excited about it and there’s something so special about sharing in that experience. But at the same time, I think these conversations are still so beneficial and especially in light of what we have experienced as a society over the past several months, being able to have these conversations with people is what keeps us moving forward, I think.

RANDALL: Yeah, absolutely. And I love some of the conversations that we’ve had, talking about how businesses have come up through, how they’ve changed, how they’ve grown.

JES: How they’ve struggled.

RANDALL: Yeah, how they’ve struggled. And in light of recent times, I think it’s especially relevant today to learn that other companies … even if you’re looking at a company, you say, “Man, I don’t understand how they got there.” You can look at the struggles that they’ve had and you can relate to it a little bit and you can maybe understand, take a step forward about how you’re going to run your business.

JES: Right. And it’s not just to being able to run the business, but it’s also being able to align your team around a common vision and about being able to manage a marketing team or influence the direction of a brand as you pivot it, or you form it for that matter. So really this podcast is for everyone who is a solo shop just trying to get their feet wet in this industry up through large corporations and marketing managers and CMOs. Trying to pivot, and make a difference, and manage a team, and get all those voices and chefs in the kitchen to align in one direction. We’re so excited to not just bring people from the industry in, but also executive coaches, and consultants, and agency search organizations and all these different people with different perspectives that can really help you get a leg up on the competition.

RANDALL: Yeah. We even brought in one of our good friends, Seth, who’s another designer to get his perspective.

JES: Yes.

RANDALL: We don’t want everything to be one sided from us. We’re an agency. Seth runs his agency very differently than we do. And I think that the perspective on how to do that is incredible.

JES: Yeah. And you’ll be hearing from Seth tomorrow. Actually, no, just in a little bit. He’s the second episode, so he’ll be out today.


JES: Anyways, we hope that this podcast really brings you some joy, some comradery that you aren’t alone in this, and we also hope it gives you some perspective. And please let us know what you think. Leave us some reviews. And we can’t wait to hear from you. Take care.

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